back in the game

When I do them, you’ll be able to see intake logs here.

(3/9/13) I’m consciously restarting my health journey, with an emphasis on health. Health is my number one priority, which includes recovery. Being healthy is more important than being skinny. “Skinny” is a social construct designed to match health, but it doesn’t really parallel it. I need to be healthy, regardless of whether I’m skinny.


  • 1600 Calories a day
  • Cardio 3x a week
  • Yoga 2x a week
  • Meditiation 1x a week

Progress and rewards

In stead of measuring my progress based on weight, I want to measure my success on how well I follow my goals!

For every week that I successfully complete I’ll earn a point, and once I get to certain points I can earn rewards!

Total points - reward

2 points - lululemon headband

4 points - new yoga mat

7 points - lululemon top

12 points -  lululemon pants

…to be continued.