Little things I did to lose weight!

Here are some of the principles that guide my weight loss:

  • Most importantly, eat clean.  I eat very, very few processed foods.
  • I didn’t get here in a day.  It’s taken years.  If you eat a lot of junk, don’t just cut it out one day.  Instead, whenever you’re about to eat some just think about it.  How much do you want it? Is it worth it? Have you had a lot recently? If the answers are “A lot, Yes, and No” then go for it, you deserve a treat!
  • Exercise in a way that works for you.  I like running (see my running page) but you may not.  Maybe you like to hula hoop.  Maybe jump rope! I also walk a LOT and that’s great! What’s 25 minutes of walking a day? 100 calories and some quality relaxation.
  • Listen to your body. Sometimes I’ll be sitting and just really really really want cheese and chocolate.  So I stop and think that maybe my body is craving fat, so I should get some healthy ones (e.g. olive oil, avocado).  If I’m craving fruit, I often am dehydrated!
  • Find some low-calorie foods for you to snack on that YOU like! Maybe someone you follow likes carrots.  I, personally don’t like carrots, but I love tomatoes! And in the Winter I just get canned tomatoes and make soup! Yes, it’s weird.  No, I didn’t read about it on tumblr, but it works for me!
  • And no, there are no negative calories. 10% of a foods calories are used in the digestion process. It’s a percentage, not a set amount.
  • DRINK WATER. It makes you feel full so you eat less, and some people think it helps you lose weight. It’s also effing GOOD FOR YOU. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.
  • Get a lot of sleep.  Just do it.  I know it’s popular internet culture to stay up late and sleep late, but just listen to your body. Sleep when you’re tired, be awake when you’re not. Your body really does need 8 hours.
  • Lose weight for your body and for you. Not for anyone else.  I can eat 1,200 calories worth of twinkies in a day and lose weight, but that’s not good for me, so I won’t. PS read the article, it’s hilarious.
  • Follow science, not fads.  I read a lot of scientific articles on weight loss, based on studies, not tumblr.  They tell me about various weight loss trials (e.g. considering ration of carbs to fat consumed)
  • ALWAYS stay positive. You are a human. You will make mistakes. It is inevitable. And when it happens, forgive yourself.
  • VERY IMPORTANTLY, (unless you have a history with eating disorders, in which case you should take this with a grain of salt) COUNT CALORIES. DO IT. If you don’t do it, your rate of success will be a lot lower.  You will compensate for your 20 minute walk with a chocolate bar and not remember that that means you shouldn’t also treat yourself to ice cream.  You are a human.  Use technology to help you.
  • My all time favorite website in the world is My Fitness Pal and it is super super helpful.  It makes counting easy since it has every food you could imagine on there. There’s also an app! So you can add up your last meal while waiting for the bus, or during a commercial break, or on the elliptical!

Good luck, ladies and gentlemen.  I’m here for you.