Life is too frickin short to eat frozen bananas and call it icecream or cook carrot strips and call it spaghetti, seriously.


Life is too frickin short to eat stuff that makes you sick and causes you pain, seriously. 

Stop judging other people’s diets. You have no idea why they might eat that way.

SERIOUSLY. Maybe people genuinely like banana ice cream !!!


Fitness Inspiration

I’m actually feeling really motivated right now.

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Frozen bananas are my new favorite food.

Frozen bananas are my new favorite food.

You know what’s funny? How I don’t lose weight.

I’ve moved far enough from my ED for me to be very happy at my current weight. I weigh what I weigh. I know I am healthy, I eat well and exercise. What happens happens. But I just don’t really understand why I’m not losing weight. I exercise, walk and farm a lot, eat a low-carb vegan diet, don’t eat more than 1,200 calories and I just don’t lose. It’s odd, no? Well anyways. I’m not upset. Just confused. Maybe a little frustrated since I wouldn’t mind. Any advice? Thoughts?

I would just like to tell you, follower, that I had a very good eating day.

5:30 egg and 6 grain toast
11:00 KIND bar
3:00 small vegan burrito bowl (salsa, black beans, tofu, peppers, broccoli)
4:00 dairy free chocolate coconut ice cream
6:00 Greek salad no cheese, little dressing and lettuce essentially
8:30 half-calf grande iced coffee with soy and Splenda

Why this was great:
Did that whole many small snacks, no big meal thing
No late eating
Not going to bed full (I’m actually just a little hungry, but it’s perfect!)
The only bread/wheat I had was six grain in the morning
I aced portion control
After my little salad my grandfather asked if he could take me out to dinner. Calorie-wise I could have done it. And normally I would have because I love food. But I didn’t.
Even though I’m still on crutches, because I did a lot of traveling today I burned cals walking.

I’m just very proud of myself. These are big steps for me.