An amazing video of transformation, strength, and health.

Arthur Boorman was a disabled veteran of the Gulf War for 15 years, and was told by his doctors that he would never be able to walk on his own, ever again….



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I love infographs

as  a visual learner this is very helpful



I don’t think my ED will ever go away because I will always know that skinny people are better in the eyes of society. I can’t redefine all of society. I can’t. Skinny will always be better. I need to be the best. I must be skinny. I need a weight loss buddy. Not someone with an ED. I need to be thin.This isn’t even ED this is fact. If I want the best life for myself I need to be skinny. fuck.

my really helpful ~*~*proana~*~* post

Hi ~*proana~* babies

Here are my new favorite tips!

  1. Battery acid! This stuff is great! Drink tons! Not only is it low-cal, it causes your stomach to split open, which means you take in less calories! Also, sometimes you die, but before then your heart rate will jump and WOOHOO metabolism kicker!
  2. Going into the lion cage at the zoo! What can I say, best workout I’ve ever gotten.
  3. Don’t forget your daily rocks! Chewing on a few pebbles a day is a great way to lose weight. First, you won’t be eating because your mouth will be filled with rocks. Then, you won’t be able to eat because you won’t have anymore teeth. brilliant!
  4. Diapers. I know it sounds silly, but diapers have some extra material compared to underwear, and all of that super-absorbent cotton will sit below your bum so uncomfortably that your legs will be forced to move into a gap.
  5. Only eat while doing headstands! Being upside down will cause your digestive system to stop moving and — voila! no calories! Also you’ll probably choke in the process so you won’t even ingest the food.

Alright everyone, I hope this helps with your butterfly journey!

in case any of you want a weight loss update

I’m losing it. Slow and steady. I’m not really eating enough but I don’t really care.  this week my net cals have been in the 800s or so but that’s mostly because of running. and then I’m not counting calories I burn hostessing. Eating dinner at around 4, having popsicles when I get home at around 11. I have learned so many new tricks….

Also I eat like gluten anymore. I try to get all protein. I live off of cottage cheese. 


I TRIED MUSCLE MILK TODAY it is delicious and lactose free. very sweet, but delicious.

i feel like I owe y’all a running post because a lot has changed….

I need a ducking weight loss coach.

Seriously what am I doing wrong?
I eat 1200 calories a day, mostly vegetables/lowfat yogurt/granola, almost never bread. I exercise (well before I broke my knee I was running) I work on a farm so I’m always moving…

I just don’t understand how I haven’t Lost a single pound in a month. What the fuck? What the fuck?

It’s not like I can ask my doctor because if I mention weight to her she freaks.

You know what’s funny? How I don’t lose weight.

I’ve moved far enough from my ED for me to be very happy at my current weight. I weigh what I weigh. I know I am healthy, I eat well and exercise. What happens happens. But I just don’t really understand why I’m not losing weight. I exercise, walk and farm a lot, eat a low-carb vegan diet, don’t eat more than 1,200 calories and I just don’t lose. It’s odd, no? Well anyways. I’m not upset. Just confused. Maybe a little frustrated since I wouldn’t mind. Any advice? Thoughts?