Life is too frickin short to eat frozen bananas and call it icecream or cook carrot strips and call it spaghetti, seriously.


Life is too frickin short to eat stuff that makes you sick and causes you pain, seriously. 

Stop judging other people’s diets. You have no idea why they might eat that way.

SERIOUSLY. Maybe people genuinely like banana ice cream !!!


Fitness Inspiration

I’m actually feeling really motivated right now.

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I just ran into this girl who used to be in my music group and then went to college two years ago. When she was a senior and I was a sophomore /junior I was inspired by her because she would go to the gym after rehearsal even if it was late and she ran really well but was also a highly functional person and went to Harvard.
But I just ran into her and she’s SOO thin. She still has beautiful curves but she is very very thin. I have trouble believing it was healthy.
It triggered me into thinking that if I changed my habits over the next 1 or 2 years I could lose weight like that.
What I need to realize to stay healthy is that yes, I could use college as an opportunity to change habits to lose weight but they should be healthy. The things that immediately came to mind were skipping meals when I was busy and just generally using stress to eat little (not something I usually do but I could try).
What I’ve got to do instead is use college as a time to push myself to be at optimum health. That’s my goal. I want to get really good grades but I also need to exercise a lot and get a lot of sleep and drink a lot of water. Those are my goals. To graduate with optimum health. I’ll need support! But I can do it :)

I haven’t had oatmeal in weeks what’s happening save me

My body image is sooo positive right now.

Like I was just standing in my room and realized that my body composition has definitely gotten better and maybe it’s okay that I’ve put on pounds because I’ve gained a ton of muscle in my abs, arms, and legs. So like who cares? I’m not all fat. Definitely some fat, but it’s okay that my weight is really high,


It is none of my goddamned business if a random 400-pound (or 150-pound, or 90-pound) woman is healthy or not. Just as it’s none of my business how much money she makes or how her sex life is going. Health is private. Period.

What I do believe – and what I feel perfectly qualified to proclaim from the rooftops - is that every woman at every weight, shape, and size deserves to be treated with respect, deserves to feel loved, deserves to make her own decisions about her own body. Every woman at every weight, shape, and size deserves to have a fabulous time exploring her personal style and honing her unique look. Every woman at every weight, shape, and size can define health for herself. And, above all, every woman at every weight, shape, and size deserves to be happy. Every woman at every weight, shape, and size CAN be happy. And anyone who claims that happiness is contingent on weight is foolish and misguided, prejudiced and small-minded.

I’m not interested in quantifying the health of other women. I’m not qualified to make decrees about the health of other women. But I’m making it my life’s work to make sure that other women are happy. Happy with their lives, their bodies, their very existences.

Because happiness trumps everything, and we all deserve a piece of it. ALL of us. Including you.



Seriously they’re so good. I know the official food of fitblrs is peanut butter but I VOTE EGGS!!!! There’s just so much greatness!!!

  • Super high in protein (6g) and super low in calories (70) when boiled
  • Can be made in a billion different ways, my favorites are hard boiled, poached, fried, and soft-boiled. DELISH.
  • Can be put on anything… rice, salad, toast, alone…
  • Can be flavored in so many ways!  And I’m only including the ones I like (e.g. no egg salad.. bleck)

They’re just so clean and SO good for you (unless you’re trying to watch your cholesterol— but if you’re not they’re fine.

Give eggs the credit they deserve. Protein bombs.

When I commit to health, and manage to reduce my food stress, I feel such positive effects.
Ways I reduce food stress:
Plan my meals
Eat big breakfasts
Eat all high protein foods that keep me full
Think of my body in a loving way
Think of my goals in terms of health, not weight

Positive effects:
NO bingeing!!!
More motivation to keep going and push myself
High energy
Low anxiety
Fewer mood swings
No constant anxiety about food

c25k running- Days 1&2

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Nonfat Greek yogurt with banana, chunky peanut butter, cinnamon, and chia seeds. The perfect post-run snack.

Nonfat Greek yogurt with banana, chunky peanut butter, cinnamon, and chia seeds. The perfect post-run snack.