I’ve been struggling a lot

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I’ve really been struggling w college and such

but i don’t even want to get into that. point is I had a really fantastic intake day in every way, I ate well but I also didn’t think about it that much it just happened


bagel w cream cheese on one side, butter on the other


a bite of cottage cheese


salmon and avocado sushi


cucumber/chickpea/tofu/olive/egg salad

hummus w weird chips and celery

i also went for a run!

Fitness Inspiration

I’m actually feeling really motivated right now.

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food security check-in

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I just ran into this girl who used to be in my music group and then went to college two years ago. When she was a senior and I was a sophomore /junior I was inspired by her because she would go to the gym after rehearsal even if it was late and she ran really well but was also a highly functional person and went to Harvard.
But I just ran into her and she’s SOO thin. She still has beautiful curves but she is very very thin. I have trouble believing it was healthy.
It triggered me into thinking that if I changed my habits over the next 1 or 2 years I could lose weight like that.
What I need to realize to stay healthy is that yes, I could use college as an opportunity to change habits to lose weight but they should be healthy. The things that immediately came to mind were skipping meals when I was busy and just generally using stress to eat little (not something I usually do but I could try).
What I’ve got to do instead is use college as a time to push myself to be at optimum health. That’s my goal. I want to get really good grades but I also need to exercise a lot and get a lot of sleep and drink a lot of water. Those are my goals. To graduate with optimum health. I’ll need support! But I can do it :)

My last session with the best therapist ever

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How I’m feeling right now

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opportunity/commodity foods

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