Real life thinspo…

I probably shouldn’t be thinking about this but I am so fuck it…

Do you have thinspo in real life? I know I do.  There’s a girl in my enviro class who I want to look like so much.  She’s got somewhat thin, but really really muscular legs.  Not muscly, but just thin legs w/ lots of muscles from hockey. She’s got thin arms and a skinny body.  She doesn’t look too delicate, just strong.  I want it.

There’s a girl that my friend is friends with.  I don’t even know her, but I want to look like her.

There are celebrities, like the woman who played Helen in Bridesmaids here

and the girl from The City: Olivia Penderghast

So yeah. Who’s yours?

  1. hannah-haunt answered: everyone.
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