About Me

I’m Mariella.  I live in the city in the winter, an island in the summer.  I like the summer because I like the sun, I like the winter when there’s sun. I have a dog and I like cats.  I love people, I alot.  I run, I learn, I love, I laugh. I love people, quite a bit. s0m3t!m3s ! c@n’t h3lp but typ3 l!k3 th!$.

my eating disorder

I’ve had “disordered eating” for forever.  I come from a family of foodies.  I don’t mean obese people who sit around eating junk.  No, I mean everyone, really everyone, is involved in good food.  Many chefs, food writers, critics, etc.  Sounds nice, but can be challenging.  And I’m not exaggerating, literally everyone.  So food has (had?) always been a big part of my life.  I just grew up with irregular eating.  Of course my life [like everyone elses] has been no piece of cake.  Divorced parents [who divorced very very very badly], identity worries from a young age, just worries.  I got put into therapy at around 12 for anxiety issues and depression.  Then came the eating disorder.  Restricting, binging, purging, obsessively counting, obsessively working out, etc.  Now I’m seeing a therapist, doctor, and nutritionist.  It’s not fun.   Not anymore :)

as a friend

I love my friends.  We love things that are silly.

I prize happiness and joy.  I love being crazy. talk to me, I’ll like you.

In the Spring of 2012 I went to an amazing boarding school.

My goals are to treat my body like a temple, be happy and thoughtful always.